Mahan Mines & Industrial Development Co. (Public Corporation) is one of the greatest financial subsidiaries of Tourism Financial Group. Its aim is to invest in specialized projects of industry and mining, specially steel.
Business field of the company:
– Investing in all domestic and foreign companies
– Investing in buying, selling, managing, Creation, Development, Completing and Assignment of all types of units and organizations, and also assignment and transactions of all property
– Using domestic and foreign financial and credit institution’s and bank’s financial and credit facilities
– Doing domestic and foreign commerce deals, importing and exporting all of permissible goods
– Doing construction, engineering design and … affairs
– Buying and selling companies in order to construct and exploit industries and mines and…
Mahan Mines & Industrial Development Co. is built in order to develop mining industry and the goal of this company in industry and mining section is to reach their goals during the next 20 years.