Iron ore


Product Specifications:

Amount of Iron: 48,71%

Amount of Iron Oxide: 17,44%

Amount of phosphorus: 0,11%

Amount of Sulfur: 0.79%

Amount of Silica: 13,13%

Amount of aluminum oxide: 2,10%

Geographical location and access routes to the mine No. 5 Golgohar :

ron ore mine No. 5 is located at the eastern edge of the Sanandaj-Sirjan structural zone in the province of Kerman and 55 kilometers southwest of Sirjan. The most important access route of Golgohar area is the Sirjan-Shiraz asphalt road that is 17 kilometers long. The distance between the mine to the center of the province is 235 km, to Bandar Abbas 307 km and to Shiraz through the Sirjan-Shiraz road is about 325 km. Bafgh-Bandar Abbas Railway crosses 1 km from the east. The Golgohar area is located between 77 latitudes and covers about 1477 square kilometers. Golgohar Mineral Area is located in the southeastern part of Zagros. The geographical coordinates access routes of this anomaly is the Sirjan-Shiraz asphalt road that is 45 kilometers long and then a special mine road that is about one kilometers long. The Bafgh-Sirjan two-way railway crosses from 17 kilometers east of the mine and a 17-kilometers road connects the Golgohar mine No.1 to this railway. The closest city to this mining area is Sirjan, which is located in the northeast of the mine.