Sponge Iron


Product Specifications:
Product type: Sponge iron (DRI)
Metallization: 92%
Amount of Carbon: 1.5%
Compressive strength: 90 kg/pellet
Density:  1.7/m3
Maximum annual capacity: 800000 tons
Average natural gas consumption: 2.6 net G Cal/ t DRI
Average power consumption: 115 kW h/ t DRI

Description of the process of direct reduction plant :

Direct Reduced Iron ore company produces the sponge iron with high metallization in the form of a pellet and it can be used to make Steel. The technology used in this factory is “PERED” and it uses CO and H2 reducing gas to regenerate iron oxides.
In this factory, first the iron oxide is sent from warehouse to covering section in the form of pellet and then it goes into reduction furnace. In reduction furnace, the iron oxide is restored into metal using preheated reducing gas and after cooling it will be shipped out as the final product. In this process neutral gas is used to help carrying materials and also cooling the gas and materials. Water is also used for cooling the equipment and exhaust gases from the furnace.