Baft Sponge Iron production plant


Foulad Baft is one of the eight national project in order to reach the self-sufficiency and non-dependence in strategic products. It’s the largest steelmaking complex in southeast of Iran as large as 620 hectares. Foulad Baft complex includes a direct reduction company that produce 800 thousand tons of Sponge Iron and it can be increased to one million tons per year.
This company uses “Persian Direct Reduction Technology” that is invented by MME company. This complex feeds by pellets and it produces Sponge Iron.

Project name

Foulad Baft Project – Direct Reduction Phase 1

Project Executive
Foulad Baft Steel Reduction Company
Volume of investment(Million Rials) 4,156,000
Goals and achievements 800000 tons of Sponge Iron
Project Expanse
612 Hectare
Employment 250 person
Project schedule 1384 – 1396
Share of the company  60 percent