Chah Firouz 25% Copper Concentrate production plant


Construction of Chaah Firouz Copper Condensation Plant

The Gohar Mess Development Co. has been established on 22/01/1394, with registration number 470712 and national ID 14004838064.
The major goal of producing 25% copper concentrate with an approximate capacity of 113000 tons per year in Chaah Firouz mine in Kerman, is to supply the raw materials of copper production plants. Considering the importance of this product in the world, the need of The National Copper Company for copper concentrate to achieve its long term goals and the lack of copper production, it turned into a very important and necessary product. Also, the economic indicators of the plan reflect the relatively good profitability of this project.
The major goals of this project is:
•  Supplying part of the raw materials of copper companies, specially Sarcheshmeh and Khatun Abad copper melting companies.
•  Exporting products to target market
•  Increasing employment in the region

Project name

Construction of Chaah Firouz Copper Condensation Plant
Project Executive Mahan Mines & Industrial Development Co.
Investment 211.260.681 dollars 5.354.908 rials ( 11.683.856 rials)
Goals and achievements Production of 25% copper concentrate with a capacity of 113000 per year
Employment 452 person
Project schedule 94 – second half of 98
Share of the company 17%