Dare Alou 25% Copper Concentrate production plant


Copper Mine in Alou valley (Special joint stock)

Alou copper mine is located at 120 km, south of Kerman. The nearest villages to this mine are Darre Alou and Chahar Taagh. The nearest city to the mine is Rabor at an approximate distance of 45km and the closest section is Golzar section that is 50 kilometers far from the mine. Alou Copper Deposit is located in 120 km south of Kerman and 70 km northeast of Khaavar Baft in the mountainous region, between Hezar mountain (4501 high), Laalehzar mountain (4351 high) and the southern foothills of Takht Sartashtak mountain. The average height in this deposit area is 3100 meters. The highest point is north of Baakhtar (3200 meters) and the lowest point is in the river bed in Alou (2900 meters).

Project name

Copper Mine in Alou valley
Project Executive Mahan Mess Kerman Co.
Volume of investment 117.000.000 dollars + 6.400 million rials (11.314.000 million rials)
Goals and achievements Production of 25% copper concentrate with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year
Employment 450 person
Project schedule 94 – second half of 98
Share of the company 35 percent