Iron ore Extraction from GolGohar Mine number 5


GolGohar Mine number 5 in Sirjan province in launched in order to get involved with the private sector and for the new goals of IMIDRO. Due to exploratory activities done, the primary resources of this mass is about 24 million tons of iron ore. A consortium of five companies is set up to exploit the mine. This consortium is composed of 5 companies including Mahan Steel Development industries Co, Bonab Steel Co, Mobin Construction and Mining Co, Faater and Aatie Saba Investment Co. Mahan Mines and Industrial Development Co. is egistered at the Tehran Industrial Registration Office as a joint-stock company with registered members of the consortium. GolGohar iron ore mines collection is located 50 km southwest of Sirjan province. The geographical coordinates are:
Latitude: 29˚ 02 ′02“  Longitude: 55˚18′40“ The complex consists of six separate iron ore deposits. GolGohar deposit number 5 is one of six deposits in this area that is located approximately 1.5 kilometers southwest of GolGohar mine number 1.  under the cover of exploratory operations. An exploration of GolGohar anomalies led to a 40 × 100 meter harvesting network covered by exploration in an area of 74 square kilometers. With more than 6018 meters of core drilling operations in 17 pits, more exploratory information was obtained. Based on the data from these exploratory, the geological resources are estimated at 24.4 million tons for mine.

Project name GolGohar mine no. 5
Project Executor The Gohar Mess Development Co.
The volume of investment(million rials) 1,341,306
The purpose and achievement Iron ore extraction
Mine Storage 24 million tons
Mine Storage 300 person
Project schedule Beginning: June,94   End: July 96
Company Share  60 percent